Stolen Food Truck Used as Doomsday Bunker

OSCEOLA COUNTY, FL - Kissimmee military make an surprising find in a backyard of a home – a stolen food truck, on tip of a trailer buried in a ground.


A stolen trailer is unearthed in Kissimmee backyard

Investigators pronounced a lorry and a trailer were found behind a home on Manor Drive. They pronounced one lorry was buried with a other on tip of it.

Detectives pronounced a review began when military were questioning stolen food trucks from circuitously businesses.

“Well we were looking for a stolen trailor from “Clay and Sons” and we got a tip that this trailer competence be in front of this residence and there it was,” pronounced Stacie Miller with Kissimmee Police.  “And once we found that trailer, we found a bigger trailer in a backyard. It was a food truck-type trailer.”

Then investigators got utterly a warn when they beheld underneath that trailer was another stolen trailor buried underneath it.

“He had this derrick and he worked there for about 3 weeks  and only digging and digging and digging,” pronounced neighbor Betty Ryan. “He’d be adult high over a blockade and afterwards we couldn’t see him during all.”

Police contend a male told them he was building a doomesday-type bunker. They contend while “preparing for a worst” isn’t a crime, regulating stolen equipment to do it is.

So distant there have been no arrests.

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