Schenectady Food Truck Name Fiasco Ends with No Name Change

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SCHENECTADY, NY - After large debates and an liquid of explanation from critics and supporters alike, a operators of a The Wandering Dago food lorry have motionless to keep a word “dago” in a name.

The tenure has been deliberate a derogative offence for Italians, imagining from a days when Italian immigrants asked to be paid “as a day goes.” Brandon Snooks has explained, a tenure group had embraced an choice clarification of a word in an bid to retrieve it.

In a 18 days given a Wandering Dago food lorry was kicked out of Saratoga Race Course for a name, owners Snooks and Andrea Loguidice have done inhabitant news, shielded themselves on amicable media and conducted a check on their Facebook page seeking either people consider their name should be changed.

On Tuesday, they posted a following summary on their Facebook page:

We consider it is time — The name of a lorry is not changing. Go take down Cracker Barrel or Guido’s Desserts perhaps. They have no problem with people hassling them. we was a Little Dago flourishing adult and if people don’t like a name, they don’t have to do business with us. Make no mistake, we are not job anyone a ‘Dago’ — that is a self-reference. If we are extraordinary about a self-reference, listen to a swat song. We are Italian and Proud.

The post has perceived many likes and many comments have applauded a decision. Some commenters who identified themselves as carrying Italian heritage, however, pronounced they were unhappy by a decision.

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