Adding Quinoa to Your Food Truck Menu

More than ever, food lorry owners find themselves responding to requests for healthy, meatless meals. Through years of work in a mobile food attention and partnering with a Meatless Monday program, we yield weekly articles about a module as good as information on products that can be combined to food lorry menus. This week we will demeanour during quinoa.


Quinoa pilaf from a Wheel Good Food Truck | Anchorage

If your food lorry hasn’t jumped on a quinoa bandwagon yet, after reading this essay we wish to see some-more food lorry owners supplement this versatile partial to their menus. With a nutritive form that has many nutritionists job it a “superfood”, and a engorgement of tantalizing ways to get it into recipes — we’re peaceful to gamble quinoa’s going to be your new favorite food.

Pronounced “KEEN-wah,” this faux-grain has been eaten for 5,000 years by a people of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile, and dates all a approach behind to a Incas, who believed it to be sacred. It’s deliberate a “pseudocereal” given it’s technically not a grain; it indeed comes from a same botanical family as sugarbeet, list beet, Swiss chard and spinach.

Here’s because you’re going to adore it:

  • It’s intensely high in protein (18%) and is a source of “complete protein,” that means that it includes all 9 essential amino acids — a cause that creates it ideal for vegans whose diet often lacks a protein carnivores get from animal products.
  • It contains about twice a protein of regular cereal grains and fewer carbohydrates.
  • It’s low in cholesterol and sodium.
  • It’s aloft in lysine — that is essential for hankie expansion and correct — than wheat.
  • It’s a good source of manganese and a good source of magnesium, iron and phosphorus.
  • It cooks some-more quick than rice.
  • It’s gluten-free, that creates it suitable for those with celiac disease.
  • It’s non-dairy and a good source of calcium, so we’re articulate to we too, lactose-intolerant folks.

You can find quinoa in a rice aisle or health-food territory of your grocery store. It’s as easy to prepare as pasta: Boil H2O in a vast pot, supplement quinoa, revoke a feverishness to low and prepare about 20 mins or until tender. Drain, let it cold and serve.

Perhaps a best partial about quinoa is a versatility. Whether we wish to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, a break or dessert, there’s always a approach to embody this pseudocereal.

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