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PHILADELPHIA, PA - Last week, we listened that Philadelphia was removing the Philadelphia Public History Truck. we wasn’t certain what a Philadelphia Public History Truck was, or because a Philadelphia Public History Truck was something that Philadelphia needed, so we reached out to a co-founder, 28-year-old South Jersey local and Temple connoisseur tyro Erin Bernard, to find out.

Philly Public History Truck

Image from | Mark Krendel

So what a heck is a Philadelphia Public History Truck?
It’s a mobile museum going from area to area in Philadelphia, and a thought behind it is that instead of carrying a open story vaunt where academics have assembled it, a vaunt is village curated. So all of a village members are invited to come together and minister and share their stories and objects to put into an exhibit.

Why haven’t we seen this on a travel yet?
Right now, we’re in a initial vaunt cycle in East Kensington. I’ve finished verbal story interviews, and we have objects that village members have given me. We’re doing a storytelling retard celebration and First Friday during a Little Berlin fairgrounds in October, where I’ll be portion apple cider and cake and holding verbal histories.

So when we contend it’s a story truck, are we articulate like a food truck, a semi?
The lorry was a post bureau truck. Then it was a H2O ice truck. And we acquired it by a East Kensington Neighbors Association. The boss of EKNA, Jeff Carpineta, he gave it to us. He’s been impossibly helpful. we adore a truck. It says “Touch of Philly” on a front.

Find a whole essay by Victor Fiorilla during The Philly Post here

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