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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

Lulu’s Local Eatery food truck lands permanent address

Alderman Jennifer Florida spilled the beans on Twitter last Friday: food truck Lulu’s Local Eatery, a.k.a. the food truck with a garden on its roof, will open a bricks-and-mortar location at 3201 South Grand Boulevard in Tower Grove South.

Lauren Loomis, who owns and operates Lulu’s with husband Robbie Tucker, says the location along the bustling South Grand corridor was the perfect fit for the restaurant.

“We moved here from Chicago to live in south city,” she says. “We love south city. We wanted to stay there. It’s in close proximity to a lot of our events. Logistically, it’s easy. The demographic that lives there is exactly our demographic.”

The new restaurant will feature the same set menu as the food truck, which features local, organic ingredients whenever possible. The format will be fast-casual.

Loomis says the restaurant will sit about 40 diners inside and, weather permitting, another 30 or so on its patio. She and Tucker have targeted early May for the opening.

Lulu’s Local Eatery will take over the space formerly occupied by Natty’s Pizza. Sauce reports that Natty’s is relocating to 3182 Morganford Road, where it will join forces with the restaurant already there, Plaza Cafe Grill.

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

Guapo’s Food Truck Makes Debut Wednesday in Reston

Got a hankering for some Mexican food? Today’s your lucky day.

If you head to Business Center Drive in Reston today, you’ll find the Guapo’s Food Truck. The food truck is making its maiden voyage into Reston today after debuting Tuesday in Tyson’s.

“It was a successful day, we were there for two-and-a-half hours,” Caitlin Turner, a Guapo’s manager, said Wednesday morning.

The Guapo’s Food Truck will be in Reston Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (they’ll stay longer if people are still ordering at 2 p.m.) at Business Center Drive.

On the menu Wednesday: Burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and quesadillas, each available in chicken, steak, vegetarian and carnitas (pork), as well as a few other menu items. Soft drinks and water will also be for sale. Guapo’s Food Truck takes cash and credit cards.

If you try Guapo’s and like it, be sure to start following them on Twitter to find out when they’ll be back in Reston: @GuaposFoodTruck

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

Food truck science

Seth Peterson likes to play with his food. Well, it’s more like experimenting. PBJs made with powdered peanut butter and liquid-filled jelly balls; nutella powder paired with fresh apple bananas and meat caramel: concentrated pork stock blended with caramelized sugar and cream.

With a B.S. in biology, a job at Kailani Farms in Kilauea and a food loving heart, it seems natural that Peterson would serve molecular gastronomy. Also known as science forward food, the discipline attracts inquisitive chefs who take traditional tastes and textures and flip them on their head.

“I made a liquid gingersnap cookie that was solid on the outside and gave it to my friends on the farm,” Peterson said. “They loved it! This kind of food is a trippy thing for your head.”

He’s wearing a blue T-shirt with the molecular structure for umami, a name for savory, which is one of five basic tastes. Under the diagram reads, “OOH-Mami. I want more.”

After reading blogs and cookbooks by industry leaders, Peterson honed his skills while cooking multi-course dinners for large groups of friends. After two years, he and his wife Paulette opened a food trailer called Kickshaws, which means a delicious bite of food.

Although Kickshaws does not serve over-the-top molecular gastronomy, Peterson uses scientific techniques for his sandwich-based menu. And it’s not complicated. For his 100 percent Awesome Burger ($12), salt, chuck short-rib, sirloin and bacon are put through a meat grinder. As it’s extruded, Peterson preserves its horizontal, cylindrical shape. When disks are cut into patties, the strands are cut short, making the burger exceedingly tender.

A pineapple, black pepper, onion marmalade is piled on top, along with gooey Gouda cheese, mayonnaise, arugula and tomato, which are served on a Deli Bread Connection torta roll.

Typically, pork belly is cured and made into bacon, but in Peterson’s PBAT ($12) it’s cooked for six hours, sous vide. The technique involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches submerged in a water bath that is held at a precise temperature. Once the pork belly is meltingly tender, Peterson crisps it on the grill. Peppery arugula, juicy tomato, pickled mustard seeds and applewood smoked mayonnaise conspire to create an explosion of umami-based flavor —something Peterson strives for in every dish.

Vegans will appreciate the spicy Tempeh Banh Mi ($10). Peterson’s spin on the Vietnamese sandwich includes tempeh (fermented soybeans) that’s marinated in yellow curry overnight and seared on the grill. It’s topped with coconut Sriracha mayonnaise and smoked soy sauce gel, both of which Peterson makes in his “lab.” Pickled carrots, cilantro oil and cucumber make it the most flavorful vegan sandwich I’ve ever had.

On any given day, the first 20 people receive an amuse-bouche. The bite-sized gift is a hard riff on molecular gastronomy and designed to whet your appetite. A Dueling Tip Jar enables customers to vote for their favorite specials. Recently, Spam Larb (Sriracha pickled pineapple, cilantro, mint and ground spam served in a lettuce cup) beat Apple Cheddar Bacon Risotto and the Umami Bomb Grilled Cheese.

Recently, Kickshaws featured a Sour Sampler highlighting delightful miracle berries, which are known for taking the sour out of any food and making it sweet. The playful dish was served with segmented lemons, limes, grapefruit and sour cream with a balsamic vinegar drizzle.

Kickshaws is at the Small Boat Harbor in Port Allen, and every Friday during Hanapepe Art Night. The best way to find out about specials and locations is to like them on Facebook. If you’re lucky, you’ll be one of 20 people who get an amuse-bouche during Truck Stop Thursday at the Kauai Beer Company on March 6 at 5:30 p.m. Kickshaws, 651-6750, Small Boat Harbor, Port Allen, Thursday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

• Marta Lane is a Kauai-based food writer. For more information, visit

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

Tonight: Food truck event debuts in Menlo Park

Menlo Park diners will have 10 new choices for eating out tonight (Feb. 19), as Off the Grid holds its first food truck event at the Caltrain station.

The expected vendors are El Sur (Argentine-style empanadas); Me So Hungry (sliders, burgers, fries); Gold Rush Eatery (burgers, barbecue); Sam’s ChowderMobile (seafood); The Chairman Truck (Taiwanese baos); The Boneyard (barbecue); Hiyaaa (Asian-fusion sandwiches); The Waffle Roost (chicken and waffles with Southern-style sides); Blendid (organic milkshakes); and Kara’s Cupcakes.

The event runs from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Caltrain parking lot near the intersection of Merrill Street and Ravenswood Avenue. Signs will ban parking within that section of the lot from 3:30 to 10 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Off the Grid plans to host the food trucks every Wednesday night, with live music, chairs and a portable toilet provided.

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

DUSDAC members sample Mama Duke’s food truck

Members of the Duke University Student Dining Advisory Committee sampled options from Mama Duke’s food truck during their committee meeting Monday night.

Mama Duke’s owners—father-and-son team Michael and Mike Alexakis—served up signature Mediterranean cuisine with a distinct southern twist. Falafel, coconut curry and chicken masala were among the options that DUSDAC members sampled. The group’s responses to both the flavor of food and efficiency of service were positive.

“They had a big menu tonight and they got the food out immediately,” said senior Chris Taylor, co-chair of DUSDAC . “It seemed like really fast service compared to every other truck we’ve had”

Although Mama Duke’s has found success catering corporate offices, nightclubs and private events, Michael and Mike said they are looking to expand their client base to include Duke students. They highlighted Mama Duke’s flexible menu options when speaking about their truck.

“We can go any direction that you’d like,” Michael said. “Steak, shrimp, fresh seafood—we can do it all to order.”

The father-son duo is also willing to adjust dishes to fit student’s dietary needs.

“We do take special requests and we make things to order right on the spot,” Mike added.

Among the truck’s more popular items are curry and chicken tikka, both of which are gluten free.

DUSDAC is in the process of sampling various food trucks to decide which vendors to ultimately bring to campus on select weeknights. They will taste Durham pizza truck, Pie Pushers, during next week’s meeting.

Following the food truck tasting, the group discussed future plans to send out a survey that will gauge general perception of food options on campus. The survey will ask students what their favorite eateries are, where they would like to see more variety in dining and what dietary restrictions they may have.

Although DUSDAC is eager to hear about students’ dining preferences, Taylor emphasized that there will be no new restaurants added to the Duke line-up before the West Union construction is complete.

“There is nowhere else to add a restaurant on campus. I don’t want people to think we’re going to tear down the Chapel to make room,” joked Taylor.

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

Food-truck operators in Baltimore oppose proposed city regulations

Food truck operators packed into Baltimore City Council chambers on Tuesday to testify on an administration bill that would change the way food trucks operate in the city. The food-truck vendors told the Judiciary Committee they are concerned about new parking restrictions and other provisions in the bill, which would turn over turn over the supervision of food trucks to the city’s department of general services.

But they said their biggest concern was that the legislation was just too vague.

Christopher Cherry, who operates the Charm City Gourmet food truck, said the proposed rules don’t have enough details about the bill’s proposal for new food zones.

“It’s a mystery box,” Cherry said after the hearing.

The committee, in the end, agreed with the food-truck operators about the bill’s vagueness, and decided not to decide.

“This legislation is very generic in scope,” said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke. “It doesn’t get at the devil in the details.”

After more than two hours of discussion and testimony, the committee’s chairman, James Kraft, announced that the hearing would reconvene on March 4, after interested parties have time to send in written testimony and suggest amendments to the legislation.

Under the proposed rules, trucks would only be able to operate in city-designated food-truck zones. The current rules allow trucks to park and serve food downtown, with certain restrictions, at any legal parking space.

No owner of a of brick-and-mortar businesses testified at the hearing. But Mackenzie Paul, who is in charge of retail development for the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, which advised the bill’s writers about the location of food-truck zones, did testify in support of the bill.

After the meeting, Downtown Partnership president Kirby Fowler addressed the issue.

“We want to make sure the brick-and-mortar businesses survive and thrive. But great cities are embracing food truck culture as a way of creating a more active street-level,” Fowler said, adding that the proposed bill will provide a level playing field for food businesses. “Brick-and-mortar businesses have to pay property taxes and other fees. They’re at a disadvantage when it comes to food trucks.”

Fowler said his organization did recommend less rigid rules than the current bill under review. “We don’t need to solve every problem at this level,” Fowler said. “We want to insure that’s flexibility in adopting regulations that respond to condition on the field.”

Clarke said she was concerned that some of the new food-truck zones might end up too close to brick-and-mortar businesses: Current rules, which have been in effect since 2011 as part of pilot program, prohibit trucks from operating within 300 feet of brick-and-mortar restaurants.

After the meeting adjourned, the food truck operators said they would begin taking their campaign against the new legislation to their patrons. They said the new rules were addressing problems that didn’t exist.

“There is no problem,” said Tom Looney, co-owner of the Gypsy Queen food truck.

Anne-Marie Langdon, who co-owns Gypsy Queen food with Looney, says she has established good relations with the brick-and-mortar businesses in Hampden, where her truck makes regular visits. Langdon said that she has even joined the neighborhood’s merchants association.

Chad Gauss, the co-owner of The Food Market in Hampden, said he didn’t see an unlevel playing field as long as food truck owners had the proper permits.

“Every business is different,” Gauss said.

But Gauss said he liked the idea of dedicated food zones, and he’d be happy to see food trucks move from their regular parking space in Hampden, on Elm Street, several blocks down to Falls Road, where they could help attract activity to Roosevelt Park, an under-used neighborhood facility.

“We got good feedback from [some] business folk who hadn’t had an opportunity to weigh in on the legislation,” committee chairman James Kraft said. “Had they not come today, we probably would have voted the bill out [of committee].”

Kraft said the committee would vote on March 11 on whether to move the legislation to the full council.

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Feb 19, 2014
Kim Rivers

February 17 – 23 Food Truck Schedule for Dallas



Highlight Event of The Week: Sigel’s Food Truck Experience

In Dallas, food trucks can only set up on private property unless there is a “special event.” The City Council turns a blind eye to the food trucks that park on the street at Klyde Warren Park.  The Truck Yard has built an entire business model around food trucks on private property.

Long before KWP and the Truck Yard, though, there was Sigel’s Fine Wine Great Spirits that stepped up and hosted the first food truck event in August 2011.  Since then, virtually every Wednesday, Sigel’s on Greenville Avenue has hosted 4 to 8 food trucks. The attending trucks will vary, but Easy Slider will almost always be there. Pompeii DFW and The Guava Tree are also frequent attendees.

The relationship between the food trucks and Sigel’s has been a relatively good one. It brings significant visibility for Sigel’s at no extra cost. And the food trucks have their established regular clientele who stop by on a Wednesday evening. To build a stronger food truck market in Dallas, we’re going to either need more companies like Sigel’s to realize the symbiotic relationship, or the Dallas City Council is going to have to direct its staff to develop a more open policy about public parking.

Here’s your schedule for the week. Remember to check Facebook feeds.

TuesdayTuesday LunchTuesday Dinner
TuesdayCajun TailgatorsTBDTBD
TuesdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-DarkKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-Dark
TuesdayEasy SliderSMU Flagpole 11a-1:30p
TuesdayEasy SliderHickory St Annex 11:30a-1:30p
TuesdayEat Jo DawgsTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206
TuesdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayGandolfo’s #2Trinity Industries3701 grapevine mills parkway, grapevine 5-9
TuesdayGuava TreePrivate lunch
TuesdayJack’s ChowhoundIrving building -105 Decker Irving Tx -11am-1:30pm
TuesdayPompeiiAtrium Properties 5068 W Plano Pkwy 11-2Veritas Wine Room 2323 N Henderson Ave 5-8
TuesdayRockn’ Rick’sDallas Arts District 2400 Flora Dallas TXWindy Lane and FM 741 Forney TX (5-730PM)
TuesdayRuthie’s Creperie2001 W. Plano Pkwy Suite 1700 Plano, TX 75075
TuesdayRuthie’s Grilled Cheese3811 Turtle Creekprivate
TuesdayRuthie’s Too14001 Dallas Parkway
TuesdaySimply DosaDallas Art District
TuesdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayTBS 215725 Dallas Parkway, 11-27540 LBJ fwy Dallas. 5:30-9:30
TuesdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
TuesdayTuttasThe Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-9The Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-9
TuesdayWhat’s Cook’n11-2 Thistle Hill @ 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, FW
TuesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park 11-9
WednesdayWednesday LunchWednesday Dinner
WednesdayCajun Tailgators14001 Dallas Pkwy- Farmers Branch 11-2TBD
WednesdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-DarkKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-Dark
WednesdayEasy SliderDallas Arts District (2403 Flora) 11a-1:30pSigels (5757 Greenville) 5p-8p
WednesdayEasy Slider2740 N Dallas Parkway Plano 11a-1:30pGood Records Food Truck Festivus 6p-9p
WednesdayEat Jo DawgsTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206Sigels – 5757 Greenville Ave. Dallas
WednesdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayGandolfo’s #2Stevens Transport
WednesdayGuava TreeArts District, 2300 Flora, 11-1:30Sigels on Greenville Ave. 5-8pm
WednesdayJack’s ChowhoundDallas Art District -2403 Flora Dallas Tx -11am-1:30 pm
WednesdayNammi #1Dallas Arts District, 11am-1:30pm
WednesdayNammi #2Truck Yard 11-3pm
WednesdayParrot IcceSigel’s Food Truck Experience (6:00pm to 9:00pm) 5757 Greenville Avenue
WednesdayPompeiiSigels 5757 Greenville Ave 5-9
WednesdayRockn’ Rick’sAafees Nat’l HQ 6950 Walton Walker Dallas (11-2PM)TBD
WednesdayRuthie’s CreperieKlyde Warren PArk
WednesdayRuthie’s Grilled Cheese14001 Dallas Parkway
WednesdayRuthie’s Tooprivate
WednesdaySimply Dosatbd
WednesdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayTBS 23811 Turtle Creek, 11-2
WednesdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
WednesdayWhat’s Cook’nPrivate4-8 Ft Worth Food Park @ 2509 Weisenberger, FW
WednesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park 11-9
ThursdayThursday LunchThursday Dinner
ThursdayCajun TailgatorsPrivate EventPrivate Event
ThursdayCoolHausKLYDE Warren Park 11am-3pm
ThursdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-DarkKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-Dark
ThursdayEasy SliderCaris Life Sciences Irving 11a-1:30p
ThursdayEasy Slider3811 Turtle Creek 11a-1:30p
ThursdayEat Jo DawgsArts District – Dallas 11am – 2pmTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206
ThursdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayGandolfo’s #2Private event
ThursdayGuava TreeTBD
ThursdayJack’s ChowhoundBent Tree 17300 Dallas North Tollway Dallas Tx – 11am- 1:30 pm
ThursdayLabThanksgiving Square 1627 pacific ave 11-2Klyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 3-8
ThursdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-3pm
ThursdayNammi #2SMU at the flagpole, 11am-1:30pm
ThursdayPompeiiDallas Arts District 2300 Flora Ave 11-2Deep Ellum Brewing Company 2823 St Louis St 6-830
ThursdayRockn’ Rick’sLSG Sky Chefs and Conexis 6191 Hwy 161 Irving TX (11-2PM)Windy Lane and FM 741 Forney TX (5-730PM)
ThursdayRuthie’s Creperieprivate lunch
ThursdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren Park
ThursdayRuthie’s TooTruck Yard
ThursdaySimply Dosatbd
ThursdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayTBS 2Private Lunch4755 Gramercy Oaks Drive, Dallas 5-9
ThursdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
ThursdayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayTuttasMARC Group – 7850 N Belt Line Rd, Irving 11-2
ThursdayWhat’s Cook’n11-2 Thistle Hill @ 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, FW
ThursdayWhat’s Da ScoopSMU
FridayFriday LunchFriday Dinner
FridayCajun TailgatorsChildrens Hospital Dallas 1935 Medical District 11-2TBD
FridayCoolHausKly4e Warren Park 11am-3pm
FridayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-DarkKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-Dark
FridayEasy SliderPrivate EventPrivate Event
FridayEasy SliderChildren’s Medical Center 11a-1:30pThe Truck Yard (5624 Sears) 11a-9p
FridayEat Jo DawgsPrivate Lunch 11am – 2pm
FridayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayGandolfo’s #2Nissan Corperate (Private) 11-2Dallas Eagle Bar 10pm-230am
FridayGuava TreeTBD
FridayJack’s ChowhoundTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St Dallas -11am-2:00pmPrivate party
FridayLabKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8Klyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8
FridayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-3pm
FridayNammi #2Private Event
FridayParrot IcceRolling Hills Soccer Tournament (8:00pm to 5:00pm) 2525 JB Rushing
FridayPompeiiTruck Yard 5624 Sears St 11-9Truck Yard 5624 Sears St 11-9
FridayRockn’ Rick’sDallas Arts District 2400 Flora Dallas TX (11-2PM)TBD
FridayRuthie’s Creperieprivate lunch
FridayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseChildrens Medical Center DallasPrivate event HPHS cheerleaders
FridayRuthie’s TooKlyde Warren ParkPrivate Party
FridaySimply DosaTruck Yard 5624 Sears St, DallasTruck Yard 5624 Sears St, Dallas
FridayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayTBS 2NISSAN Corperate Lunch (Private) 11-2
FridayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
FridayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayTuttasPrivate Event
FridayWhat’s Cook’n11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW
FridayWhat’s Da Scoop3811 Turtle Creek 1-3
SaturdaySaturday LunchSaturday Dinner
SaturdayCajun TailgatorsPrivate EventA Loft Hotel Downtown Dallas 1033 Young Street 9PM-1AM
SaturdayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SaturdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-8p
SaturdayEasy SliderPrivate EventPrivate Event
SaturdayEasy SliderMini A-Kon (Denton Civic Center) 11a-5pThe Pin Show (Good Year Building, Dallas) 6:30p-11p
SaturdayEat Jo DawgsTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas, Texas 75206
SaturdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayGandolfo’s #2Dallas Eagle Bar 10pm-230am
SaturdayGuava Tree10501 Main St. Frisco 75035.4-6
SaturdayJack’s ChowhoundDFWChild camp- 4100 Merrell rd Dallas Tx 11am- 2:00pmPrivate party
SaturdayLabKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8Klyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8
SaturdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SaturdayNammi #2Mini Akon, Denton Civic Center 321 E Mckinney,  10-6pm
SaturdayParrot IcceRolling Hills Soccer Tournament (8:00pm to 5:00pm) 2525 JB Rushing
SaturdayPompeiiDeep Ellum Brewing Company 2823 St Louis St 12-3Private Event Nolan Catholic High School
SaturdayRockn’ Rick’sTruck Yard 5624 Sears Dallas TX (11-9PM)Truck Yard 5624 Sears Dallas TX (11-9PM)
SaturdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseprivateWesley Prep Fundraiser
SaturdayRuthie’s TooKlyde Warren ParkPrivate
SaturdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayTBS 2Private Event
SaturdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
SaturdayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayTuttasThe Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-9The Truck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-9
SaturdayWhat’s Cook’n11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW
SaturdayWhat’s Da Scoop3014 Main Street 6-10
SundaySunday LunchSunday Dinner
SundayBombayTruck Yard 5624 Sears St, DallasTruck Yard 5624 Sears St, Dallas
SundayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-6pm
SundayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-8p
SundayEat Jo DawgsTBD
SundayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayGandolfo’s #2Private Event
SundayGuava TreeTBD
SundayJack’s Chowhoundtbd
SundayLabKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8Klyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rogers 11-8
SundayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-6pm
SundayParrot IcceRolling Hills Soccer Tournament (7:30pm to 3:00pm) 2525 JB Rushing
SundayPompeiiTruck Yard 5624 Sears St 11am-9pmTruck Yard 5624 Sears St 11am-9pm
SundayRockn’ Rick’sTBDTBD
SundayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren Park
SundayRuthie’s TooTruck YardTruck Yard
SundaySimply Dosatbd
SundayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayTBS 2Private Event
SundayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayWhat’s Cook’n11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW
SundayWhat’s Da ScoopPrivate party


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Feb 18, 2014
Kim Rivers

TV show seeks local cooks who want to win food truck in Niagara Falls

Who will win a food truck in Niagara Falls?

A Toronto casting company has invited local cooks to apply for a role in an upcoming Food Network competition.

The winner gets a food truck for a year. Even better, they get the brand recognition that comes from being on television.

“We’re looking for two-person teams who have never owned or worked on a food truck before, who dream of having one,” said Sergio Alvarado of The Brunch Store, a casting company. “The prize in each episode is a one-year lease.”

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Feb 18, 2014
Kim Rivers

Black Market Food Truck, voted best in Buffalo, dishes up gourmet lunch at …

Black market food truck lunch 018

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

When the local food truck guide asked readers to vote for the year’s best trucks, more than 3,000 people chimed in, and the winner was the Black Market Food Truck.

The other day the Black Market Food Truck parked next to First Niagara Center, and intrepid reporter Ben Tsujimoto sallied forth into the storm to perform lunch sherpa duties.

He brought back a pork banh mi ($8), a spicy mortadella sandwich ($9), mirca gosht ($5), which is lamb chili with Indian spices, and a dish of gnocchi in miso-chile butter ($8).

For how it went down, check out the photos and details after the jump:

The mortadella sandwich was a staggeringly satisfying sandwich all by its lonesome, housemade Italian bologna studded with pistachios and peppercorns, cut thick, triple stacked and topped with caramelized onions between crusty bread stout enough to handle the load. 

Then it came with an Alfredo dipping sauce for over-the-top funky-cheesy-creamy gonna-kill-me-but-I-don’t-care-no-more moments. 

Black market food truck lunch 020


Yeah. This sandwich will swagger up and smack the bland right outta your mouth. A $9 sandwich that’s actually worth it.

One more, just for the whole cloves of sweet-cooked garlic amid the caramelized onions:

Black market food truck lunch 006

The banh mi, the truck’s version of the classic Vietnamese sub, was an excellent sandwich that’ll still short of a classic banh mi.

Black market food truck lunch 013

The fillings of pork and pickled vegetable were darn tasty but too wet. The bread was fresh but too tough. The combination sent filling squishing out with each bite. Because it was so tasty, all the escapees were coralled and devoured.

The lamb chili was excellent, a punch of Indian spices and lick of heat combining with the lamb flavor for a satisfying bowl of warm-me-up that made me wonder why I’ve never had lamb chili before.

Black market food truck lunch 017


The gnocchi in miso-chile butter had bacon, but it was still the weakest dish. Kudos for ambition, and a good saute to brown the outsides, before applying scallions and bacon and nuts.

Black market food truck lunch 014

Not so good: A couple of the fatter dumplings weren’t cooked all the way through, and the miso-chile flavor was puzzlingly faint.

All in all, though, I could see why this food truck cut to the head of the line. Look for Black Market Food Truck and others on the streets of Buffalo. The trucks that are out there in February need your love now more than ever. If you ignore them, they’ll go away.



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Feb 18, 2014
Kim Rivers

Baltimore food truck operators fear ‘vague’ bill to regulate their business

Food truck operators flocked to a City Hall meeting to discuss a bill that would create food truck zones for their businesses.

Food truck operators flocked to a City Hall meeting to discuss a bill that would create food truck zones for their businesses.

Sarah Meehan
Reporter- Baltimore Business Journal

 | Twitter
 | Google+

Baltimore food truck owners say they’re worried a bill regulating where they can do business in the city doesn’t have enough specifics.

Food truck operators made a strong showing at a Tuesday hearing of the Baltimore City Council’s Judiciary and Legislative Investigations Committee regarding a proposal to regulate where food trucks can park, how they would report their business practices and who would enforce those standards.

Although the food truck owners indicated their willingness to work with the city — and with local brick-and-mortar restaurants — the biggest issues that arose surrounded where food trucks would be allowed to park and exactly how the regulations would be implemented.

While the bill proposes regulating where food trucks can vend, it doesn’t explain the nitty-gritty details of how that regulation will actually take affect — who will receive licenses, which trucks could park where, how zones would be established and other considerations.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, vice chair of the committee, recognized the bill was vague as it’s written. She said the City Council would hammer out rules and regulations with the Department of General Services, which requested the bill and will administer the program, in the 150 days following the bill’s passage — before it takes effect.

Vendors like Chris Cherry, who owns Charm City Gourmet, worried about passing a vague bill without understanding how it would affect his business.

“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill,” he said.

The proposed regulations would apply not only to food trucks, but to any mobile vendors, including Baltimore’s emerging fashion truck segment.

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