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Mar 27, 2015
Kim Rivers

Council considers food truck law

A proposed law that would slap restrictions on mobile food trucks operating downtown is enough to give some of the mobile eateries’ owners heartburn. But restaurateurs say it’s needed to protect their businesses.

Council Member Charles Bare proposed the law and modeled it after St. Petersburg’s ordinance. He said he added it to the council’s Thursday night meeting agenda because he heard from some business owners. It would allow the trucks downtown for city-sponsored or cosponsored events and for city-approved food truck rallies, which is when two or more trucks are parked near one another.

There haven’t been any restrictions since a six-month city pilot program ended in November 2014. The program required food trucks to get city approval and $500 permits. Nobody participated in it.

The restaurant owners say it is unfair to allow a food truck to park along, or near, Palafox Place when their costs are so high. But the truck operators dismiss those arguments.

“I think that is ridiculous,” said Milan Brunet-Sabastia, owner of the MiMi’s Bistro On the go food truck. “I think it generates business for downtown.”

Brunet-Sabastia said he sold his crepes along Government Street until restaurant owners started complaining. Now he usually operates along Bayou Boulevard near Cordova Mall. Food trucks cater to a clientele who are in a hurry when they don’t have time to sit down and eat, he added.

George Makris, the owner of the Dainty Del food truck, was one of two people to speak at Thursday’s meeting. He spent $80,000 on his truck and, in the past, operated it outside of Old Hickory Whiskey Bar on Palafox Place after 10 p.m. until the bars closed.

“I’m just looking for locations that we can thrive in as well,” Makris said. “I’m not trying to get anyone closed.”

Wilmer Mitchell, president of the Seville Quarter, also addressed the council. He said the proposed restrictions would protect his business financially and a restaurant in which he is spending at least $1.6 million to open near the Seville Quarter. He also paid more than $44,000 in property taxes last year.

“We are for food trucks, but I think they have to find their place,” Mitchell said.

New York Nicks owner Nick Zangari has been one of the most vocal opponents of the trucks.

“They want to come in and take what we built,” Zangari said. “I have no opposition to them being downtown, but not on Palafox.”

Council members also shared their views on the proposed law.

“To me it is a little restrictive,” Council President Andy Terhaar said.

District 2 Council Member Sherri Myers said the trucks are good for people who don’t have a lot of capital and it would be good if there could be some kind of incentives for food trucks to be open in certain areas.

Bare said he just wanted the council to send the ordinance to the Planning Board for their input before having public hearings and approving a new law. The council voted 7-0 to send it to the Planning Board.

“This is a starting point and there will be plenty of citizen input into this,” Bare said.

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Mar 27, 2015
Tim Lester

Arlington food truck-turned-restaurant churns out Mexican street food with a twist

A food truck makes the leap to real restaurant when La Blue Casa celebrates its soft opening in Arlington, in the College Park district on the University of Arlington campus.

Co-owner Gabriela Lopez, who launched the La Blue Casa food truck two years ago with her fiance, says they took their inspiration from a famous Mexican artist. It started out as La Casa Azul before they changed its name in March 2014. They’ve been a regular at food truck parks in Fort Worth and have a circuit of corporate buildings they serve as well.

“The concept is based on the work of Frida Kahlo,” she says. “It’s colorful and vibrant, and the food is authentic Mexican — no chips and salsa, no Tex-Mex.”

Lopez moved here five years ago from Mexico City and was disappointed she could not find good Mexican food. “People are used to Tex-Mex, but when they come to our truck, they say it reminds them of what they ate in Mexico,” she says.

She and her fiance launched the food truck as a ramp-up to this restaurant.

“We always wanted to be in restaurant business and start a place together, but nobody would give us a space because we had no experience,” she says. “We decided to start a food truck, and it did amazing. We’re glad to be able to do something a little fancier now.”

Her menu includes dishes such as “Mexican trash,” a goulash of rice, chips, black beans, chicken or steak, and tortilla chips; and “street noodles,” which are butter-seasoned noodles with chicken or steak. A “gooey melt” is a grilled cheese sandwich fortified with chicken, steak or pork. There are also sopes, stuffed poblano peppers, quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos and even a “Hawaiian” burger on a Hawaiian bun with Swiss cheese and a slice of grilled pineapple.

To clarify, she says that what they’re doing is street food.

“Our street noodles are a Mexican spin on the regular noodles you would get anywhere,” she says. “The Hawaiian burger, you can find in Mexico City. If you go to Mexico City, you’ll find a burger truck with a Hawaiian burger. It’s street food.”

The foundation of their authenticity is their sauces, which she learned from attending culinary classes in Mexico.

“We have five sauces, poblano, black bean, mole, green tomato and mango habanero, and you add them to anything you get,” she says. “We make everything ourselves, you will not find anything like it.”

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Mar 26, 2015
Jim Benson

Bend store, food cart owner in court on drug charges

BEND, Ore. –

Antonio Rico-Sanchez, found guilty of running a drug ring  in 2011, was arrested in February on charges of methamphetamine at his Bend grocery store.

Rico-Sanchez owns Rico’s Groceries and Rico’s Tacos, a popular food cart in Bend. 

He appeared in court by video hookup from the jail for a motion hearing Wednesday.

Rico-Sanchez was arrested a month after the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team said it recorded two undercover buys of meth at Rico’s Groceries.

Deschutes County Circuit Judge Beth Bagley signed a warrant for his arrest on Feb. 23. His bail was set at $100,000.

He posted bail and was released on Feb. 25. Days later, he was arrested in Jefferson County for a parole violation.

Initially, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office objected to transporting Rico-Sanchez to his out-of-county appearances.

Now he’s in the Deschutes County Jail, where  he will remain until the matter is resolved following a decision by Judge Stephen Forte on Wednesday.

In September 2012, Rico-Sanchez was convicted of delivering meth after detectives recovered $40,000 worth of the drug from his grocery store.

He’s scheduled to enter pleas to the new charges on April 15th.

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Mar 26, 2015
Kim Rivers

Dallas Food Truck Schedule: March 25 – March 29

foodtrucksFestival season is starting to bloom. For those of you in Frisco who are in love with pinball machines, you’ll find the Texas Pinball Festival from March 27 until 29. Enjoy food from Ruthies, Gandolfo’s, and The Butcher’s Son, and others.  Also, the City of Coppell is hosting a “Food Truck Frenzy” on Saturday evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  They’ve got a tasty lineup, including Easy Slider, Ruthies, Guava Tree, Kona Ice, Gorgonzilla, and Dougboys Pizza.

On Saturday, the city of Waco is sponsoring “The First Annual Texas Food Truck Showdown.” Dallas-based competitors include Easy Slider, Say Kimchi, Bombay Street Food, Bellatrino’s Pizza, Eat Jo Dawgs, The Great Australian Meat Pie Company, and Spin Sushi. One lucky food truck winner will walk away with $2,500. Other food trucks and trailers are coming in from Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and Waco. Should be fun.

Here’s the rest of the schedule for the week.  As always, check social media for any changes.

TuesdayTuesday LunchTuesday Dinner
TuesdayBellaTrinoTruck YardTruck Yard
TuesdayBest Bayou BitesFountain Place, Dallas
TuesdayCajun Tailgators3500 Maple Ave Dallas 11:30-1:30off
TuesdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
TuesdayEasy Slider11a-1:30p SMU5:30-6:30p Fort Worth Christian School
TuesdayEasy Slider12-1:30p Jeane Mayo’s NYCL
TuesdayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren Park
TuesdayGuava TreeSMU Flagpole,Bishop Ave., 11-1:30pm
TuesdayJack’s ChowhoundPrivate Event – IMRE
TuesdayKierion Go BraghLunch service in the Art’s District
TuesdayMad Grill2801 North Central Expressway Dallas 75204Private Event
TuesdayRockn’ Rick’sAAFES Nat’l HQ 3191 Walton Walker Dallas TX(11-2PM)
TuesdayRuthies 3Private
TuesdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseNational Youth Leaders Conference
TuesdaySpin SushiPrivate Event Rockwall 11-2:00
TuesdaySteel City Pops2200 Ross Ave (bottom of Chase Tower) 11-2pm7540 LBJ FWY 6:15-9:30pm
TuesdayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayThe Pickled Carrot11-2 Austin St. Truck Stop
TuesdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Las Colinas Highlands @ 6191 N State Hwy 161, Irving
TuesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park
WednesdayWednesday LunchWednesday Dinner
WednesdayBellaTrinoPrivate EventSigels Greenville Ave 5-9
WednesdayBest Bayou BitesOaks Fellowship Red Oak
WednesdayBig D Kona IcePrivate Event
WednesdayCajun Tailgators2700 Summit Ave Plano 11-1:30TBD
WednesdayEasy Slider11a-1:30p Dallas Arts District5-8p Sigel’s Greenville: The Food Truck Experience
WednesdayEasy Slider11a-4p The Truck Yard4-9p The Truck Yard
WednesdayEasy Slider12-1:30p Jeanne Mayo’s NYCL6:30-8:30p Private Event
WednesdayEat Jo DawgsSigels – 5757 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX : 6pm
WednesdayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren Park
WednesdayGuava TreeDallas Arts DIstrict, 2403 Flora St., 11-1:30pmSigel’s Food Truck Experience, 5757 Greenville Ave., 5-8pm,
WednesdayJack’s ChowhoundSoftlayer IBM Company -11am-1:30pm
WednesdayKierion Go BraghWestlake Corporate Campus
WednesdayMad GrillKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
WednesdayRockn’ Rick’sFountain Place 1445 Ross Dallas TX (11-2PM)Private Event Arlington TX
WednesdayRuthies 3Klyde Warren ParkPrivate
WednesdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseNational Youth Leaders ConferencePrivate Event Anatole
WednesdayRuthie’s Tooprivateprivate
WednesdaySpin SushiThanks-Giving Square 11-2:00
WednesdaySteel City Pops2200 Ross Ave (bottom of Chase Tower) 11-2pm
WednesdayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayThe Pickled Carrot11:30-1:30 Texas Health Presbyterian Denton
WednesdayTutta’s PizzaXO Communications – 2700 Summit Ave, Plano 11-1:30p
WednesdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Thistle Hill @ 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, FW
WednesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park
WednesdayYim Yam TruckThanks-Giving Square 11-2pm
ThursdayThursday LunchThursday Dinner
ThursdayBellaTrinoDallas Arts District  11-2Arts District Wine Stroll 5-7:30
ThursdayBig D Kona IcePrivate Event
ThursdayCajun TailgatorsTruck Yard 5624 Sears St. 11-9Truck Yard 5624 Sears St. 11-9
ThursdayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
ThursdayCrazy FishPrivate Event
ThursdayEasy Slider11a-1:30p Stevens Transport
ThursdayEasy Slider11-1p Private Event
ThursdayEat Jo DawgsTruck Yard-5624 Sears St, Dallas 75206Truck Yard-5624 Sears St, Dallas 75206
ThursdayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
ThursdayGuava TreeSMU Flagpole,Bishop Ave., 11-1:30pm
ThursdayJack’s ChowhoundSoftlayer IBM Company -11am-1:30pm
ThursdayKierion Go BraghMeadows Building
ThursdayMad GrillKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
ThursdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
ThursdayRockn’ Rick’sConexis LSG Sky Chefs HQ 6191 Hwy 161 Irving TX (11-2PM)UT Dallas Spring Break Concert 800 W. Campbell Richardson (8-10PM)
ThursdayRuthies 3Fountain Place 1445 Ross Ave
ThursdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseFountain Place 1445 Ross AveUT Dallas Event
ThursdayRuthie’s TooKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
ThursdaySteel City Pops2200 Ross Ave (bottom of Chase Tower) 11-2pm
ThursdayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayThe Butcher’s SonState Fair Park
ThursdayThe Pickled Carrot11-2 Denton Regional Medical Center
ThursdayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park 11A-4P
ThursdayTutta’s PizzaPrivate EventTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St, Dallas 5-9p
ThursdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Art Institute of FW @ Wilcox Plaza 7000 Calmont Ave, FW5-9 Keller Harvey Elementary @ 625 Normal Ln, Keller
ThursdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park
ThursdayYim Yam TruckSMU Flagpole 1130am-130pm
FridayFriday LunchFriday Dinner
FridayBellaTrinoArlington Lunch 11-2Private Event
FridayBig D Kona IceLipscomb Elementary, 5801 Worth St., 3p-4:30p
FridayCajun Tailgators2250 W. John Carpenter Frwy Irving 11-29645 Independence Plano 4:30-8
FridayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
FridayCrazy FishPrivate Event
FridayEasy Slider11a-1:30p Thanksgiving Square: Fare in the Square4-7p Hilton Anatole
FridayEasy Slider11a-1:30p 3131 McKinney Ave6-9p Bluebonnet Elementary Carnival
FridayEat Jo DawgsTruck Yard-5624 Sears St, Dallas 75206
FridayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren ParkHilton Anatole
FridayGandolfo’sTexas Pinball FestivalTexas Pinball Festival
FridayJack’s ChowhoundSoftlayer IBM Company -11am-1:30pm
FridayMad GrillKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
FridayMr. Snowie100 W Abram St Arlington tx 76010
FridayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
FridayParrotIcceCommunity Appreciation Party (5:00pm – 8:00pm) 1501 Westpark View Drive Fort Worth
FridayRockn’ Rick’sAmeripath 5350 Alpha RD Dallas TX (11-2PM)Dallas Arts Disrtict Spring Block Party
FridayRuthies 3privateDallas Arts District Spring Break Party
FridayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren Park
FridayRuthie’s TooTX Pinball Festival 7600 John Hammons, FriscoTX Pinball Festival 7600 John Hammons, Frisco
FridaySpin SushiTruck Yard 11-9:30 5624 Sears Street Dallas TX
FridaySteel City Pops2200 Ross Ave (bottom of Chase Tower) 11-2pm
FridayTexas Burrito CompanyHilton Anatole
FridayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, DallasPrivate Cater
FridayThe Butcher’s SonTexas Pinball FestivalTexas Pinball Festival
FridayThe Pickled Carrot11:30-1:30 Texas Health Presbyterian Denton6-10 Austin St. Truck Stop
FridayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park 11A-4P
FridayTutta’s PizzaPrivate Event
FridayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Food Truck Friday @ Levitt Pavilion 100 W Abram Street, Arlington5-9 MYBA Tournament @ 920 N Holland Rd, Mansfield
FridayYim Yam TruckThanks-Giving Square 11am-2pm
SaturdaySaturday LunchSaturday Dinner
SaturdayEasy Slider11a-2p UPUMC Family Festival6-9p Food Truck Frenzy
SaturdayGuava TreeFood Truck Frenzy, 768 W. Main St., Coppell, 6-9pmFood Truck Frenzy, 768 W. Main St., Coppell, 6-9pm
SaturdayRuthies 3UPUMC Family Carnival 4024 Caruth BlvdFood Truck Frenzy 768 W Main St Coppell
SaturdayEasy Slider12-4p Texas Food Truck Smackdown – WACO4-5p Hilton Anatole
SaturdaySpin SushiTexas Food Truck Showdown Waco TX, 9:30-9:30 p.m.
SaturdayBellaTrinoGreat Texas Food Truck Showdown Waco TXGreat Texas Food Truck Showdown Waco TX
SaturdayBest Bayou BitesClearfork Food Park, Ft Worth
ClearforkFood Park
SaturdayBig D Kona IceDallas Little League Fields, Winfrey Pt. 11am-5pm
SaturdayCajun TailgatorsTruck Yard 5624 Sears St. 11-10Truck Yard 5624 Sears St. 11-10
SaturdayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SaturdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
SaturdayEasy Slider11a-3p W.T. White High School4-5p Hilton Anatole
SaturdayEat Jo DawgsPrivate event 2pm
SaturdayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
SaturdayGandolfo’sTexas Pinball FestivalTexas Pinball Festival
SaturdayJack’s ChowhoundCarnival at University Park Methodists -11am-2pm Dallas TX
SaturdayMad GrillPrivate Event6633 Virginia Parkway Mckinney 5-9p
SaturdayMr. SnowiePrivate EventPrivate Event
SaturdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SaturdayOinknMoo BBQLakewood Brewery-Garland
SaturdayParrotIcceChamber Baseball Classic (8:30am – 8:30pm) 7025 Churchill Road DallasChamber Baseball Classic (8:30am – 8:30pm) 7025 Churchill Road Dallas
SaturdayRockn’ Rick’sCovenant Church Easter Celebration 975 North Central Expressway McKinney TX (11-2PM)Private Event Dallas TX
SaturdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseSparrow Womens ConferenceJPII Gala
SaturdayRuthie’s TooKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
SaturdaySteel City PopsUptown Farmers Market
SaturdayTexas Burrito CompanyKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
SaturdayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayThe Butcher’s SonMurphy Spring Fever Event 10-4Texas Pinball Festival
SaturdayThe Pickled Carrot11-2 Austin St. Truck Stop6-late Austin St. Truck Stop
SaturdayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park 11A-4P
SaturdayTutta’s PizzaTruck Yard -5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-10pTruck Yard -5624 Sears St, Dallas 11-10p
SaturdayWhats Cook-N Chef3-9 Wicked Wine Run @ Lost Oaks Winery 2116 FM 731, Burleson
SaturdayWhat’s Da ScoopSparrow Womens Conference
SaturdayYim Yam TruckTexas Ale Project (1001 Riverfront Blvd) 1-6pmTexas Ale Project (1001 Riverfront Blvd) 1-6pm
SundaySunday LunchSunday Dinner
SundayBest Bayou BitesFt. Worth Food Park, Ft Worth
Ft. Worth Food Park
SundayBig D Kona IceKona Mini, by Klyde Warren Park, 12p – 4p
SundayCajun Tailgatorsoffoff
SundayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SundayGandolfo’sKlyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park
SundayGandolfo’sTexas Pinball FestivalTexas Pinball Festival
SundayGuava TreeTruck Yard, 5624 Sears St., Dallas, 11-9pmTruck Yard, 5624 Sears St., Dallas, 11-9pm
SundayMad GrillKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8pKlyde Warren Park 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas 11a-8p
SundayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-6pm
SundayOinknMoo BBQDR. Pepper Star Center-Plano
SundayRockn’ Rick’sFreelife Church Easter Celebration Hwy 80 Forney TX (11-3PM)
SundayRuthies 3Private
SundayRuthie’s Grilled CheesePrivate
SundayRuthie’s TooTX Pinball Festival 7600 John Hammons, FriscoTX Pinball Festival 7600 John Hammons, Frisco
SundaySteel City Pops2200 Ross Ave (bottom of Chase Tower) 11-2pm
SundayThe Butcher’s SonKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayThe Butcher’s SonTexas Pinball FestivalTexas Pinball Festival
SundayTrailercakesKlyde Warren Park 11A-4P
SundayWhats Cook-N Chef11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW11-9 Clear Fork Food Park @ 1541 Merrimac Cir, FW

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Mar 26, 2015
Kim Rivers

Compliments Food Truck Rolls Into Somerville

When Bobby Maclean first had lunch from the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese food truck a few years ago, he had no idea it would be the catalyst for a new career. Maclean had worked in coffee shops and dreamed of opening his own brick-and-mortar cafe, but the prohibitive costs put him off.

“I had never heard of food trucks, it was the weirdest thing,” Maclean said of his first experience with them. “But it works, this food truck thing. I looked into it and it was not a whole lot of money to start up, which I thought was very cool.”

Dissatisfied with his job in real estate, Maclean and his then girlfriend decided to combine their skills in business and the food industry to start a food truck of their own. What resulted is Compliments Food Truck, which now operates out of Somerville’s Kitchen Inc., a shared commercial kitchen incubator.

Compliments Sandwiches

Despite being passionate about the new venture, starting Compliments wasn’t easy. Unable to secure a big enough loan or find a truck that fit his specifications, Maclean took his search online, eventually placing a bid on a truck for sale on eBay. When no one out-bid him, Maclean bought a one-way ticket to California and drove the truck home.

“My father and I basically built the whole thing,” Maclean said of employing his New Hampshire-based dad’s handyman skills in turning the truck into a mobile restaurant. “We did it very, very cheap, very low budget. We just kind of just did it ourselves.”

While starting a food truck may require less capital than opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant, building out a truck and getting all the necessary supplies can still run upward of $100,000. Maclean got the Compliments truck on the road in about five months for about $30,000.

Compliments began in the Brookline food truck program and eventually moved into the Boston scene after working its first food truck festival and raising the funds to expand.

Compliments Cauliflower
“The first fall we did the Life is Good Festival,” Maclean said. “It was amazing, but we kind of got our asses kicked. It was so big and we were so brand new at doing this. We fine-tuned our process for speed and food delivery. We did it again and killed it.”

Maclean grew up in southern New Hampshire surrounded by farms and he wanted incorporate fresh, local food into Compliments’ offering of sandwiches and fried sides. And to accommodate customers’ dietary restrictions, Compliments uses Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour, which is gluten-free, for the fry batter.

“We always wanted to lean toward buying stuff local from farms cause that’s what I grew up doing,” Maclean said. “We wanted to bring this kind of stuff to the streets.”

Over time some menu items have become almost sacred, like the tuna melt and fried cauliflower, while others have come into being based on customer requests.

“The first month or two this family always came with a little boy,” Maclean said. “The dad always got a tuna melt, but the kid wanted a tuna melt with no tuna.” So Compliments made him a grilled cheese with tomatoes and “he loved it, it was like the best thing on the planet. Then we started selling tons and tons of grilled cheeses to the neighborhood.”

Compliments Sandwich

Like the menu, the name of the truck has evolved over time. At first, Maclean wanted to name the menu items compliments, but instead he and his employees starting tossing compliments at passersby to attract attention. It worked, many of the people walking by smiled and stopped to learn what the truck was all about.

In addition to initially lacking funds for a built-out truck, Maclean also didn’t have the cash to rent space in a commissary kitchen. A restaurant-owner friend in Brookline allowed Compliments to use his kitchen, but eventually the business grew and needed space of its own.

“We had done a few events in Somerville and were going to that side of  the river more often,” Maclean said when he found Kitchen Inc. “It was just starting up again and I thought it was super cool and kind of adorable. I love it there, it’s fantastic. And now I’m just super into the whole Somerville scene.”

Harsh winter conditions forced Compliments to largely stay off the road the last few months, so the focus shifted to catering. In addition to being open this summer around the Boston area, Compliments is also available to provide food for weddings, birthday parties or other events.
Compliments Truck Inside
The downtime also gave Maclean a chance to give Tippy, that’s the Compliment’s Food Truck’s name, a fresh paint job. The moniker stems from the fact that the truck leans a little to one side.

“The food truck is like a person to us,” Maclean said. “I’m just kind of the caretaker of Tippy. She just kind of moves along on her own little life path. She’s kind of like the driving soul of the business.”

You can find Tippy driving all over the Boston area this summer, including some stops in Somerville like the pop-up Compliments did in January with Black Magic Coffee at Kitchen Inc.

“We’re looking to do some Somerville things,” Maclean said. “What I love about the Somerville scene is it’s very friendly. It’s a really good little community, it’s not like that over the river, it has a different feel.”

Images courtesy of Compliments Food Truck.

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Mar 26, 2015
Kim Rivers

Wichita food truck must cease and desist serving its ‘Evan Almighty Wessel’ burger

The NCAA and its rules. They just keep interfering with Wichita’s fun.

First it was last week’s Shocker watch party at Intrust Bank Arena, canceled because it would have violated NCAA rules if the arena had profited from food or beverage sales during the event.

Now, it’s the Evan Almighty Wessel Burger, which shall from now on be called the No. 3 burger. (That, coincidentally, is Wessel’s jersey number.)

After watching Sunday night’s 78-65 whupping of the University of Kansas by the Shockers, B.S. Sandwich Press co-owner Jodi Buchanan was impressed with WSU junior Wessel’s leadership on the court, she said. He scored 12 points with four three-point shots and tied his season-high with nine rebounds.

Buchanan felt inspired to create a burger in his honor, a black Angus steak burger topped with cheddar, bacon and spicy fried pickles. She called it the “Evan Almighty Wessel Burger” and put it on the food truck’s menu on Monday.

On Tuesday, she got a call from the Wichita State University athletic department compliance officer, who informed her that NCAA bylaw prohibited the use of a student athlete’s name or picture to promote a commercial product.

Korey Torgerson, WSU’s assistant athletic director for compliance and student services, said it’s part of his job to alert businesses or individuals when they’re violating NCAA rules. He’s required to make a call and follow it up with a cease-and-desist letter, which B.S. Sandwich Press will be receiving soon. It’s not a part of his job he always enjoys, he admitted, especially when he knows the violators have good intentions.

People can still order the burger from B.S. Sandwich Press, which will be set up at the watch party at the Field House sports bar, 3825 E. 17th St., starting at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday. And they can still appreciate its spirit.

They just can’t call it the Evan Almighty Wessel Burger.

“We put the spicy fried pickle chips on it because they bring an unexpected kick,” Buchanan said. “And I think that’s kind of what Evan Wessel brings to every game.”

What are your WSU watch party plans?

The Shockers will play Notre Dame in the Sweet 16 on Thursday in Cleveland. If you are planning a watch party, are trying to figure out a creative way to watch the game while working, or are a former Kansan watching from out of state, The Eagle wants to hear from you. Go to to share your plans.

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Mar 26, 2015
Kim Rivers

Harrisburg Food Truck Feast to roll back into Harrisburg

The Harrisburg Food Truck Feast is back for the season.

It’s the third year for the gathering which converges on the third Friday of every month as part of 3rd in the Burg in midtown Harrisburg.

The first feast will kick off from 5-9 p.m. April 17 at the Harrisburg Area Community College midtown parking lot at 1601 N. Third St. Parking will be free.

One of the event organizers, Olivia Madrigal of MAD Sandwiches, said people enjoy stopping by when they’re out for 3rd in the Burg on Friday evenings. Food choices range from Mexican and Cuban to barbecue.

Participating trucks for April will include MAD Sandwiches, Soul Burrito, Up In Smoke BBQ, Chicken Truck, One Love Cafe and The Potato Coop. 

“It seems like most of the people stop at each truck, kind of like a smorgasbord,” Madrigal said.

Soul Burrito owner Obi Linton emphasized how the gatherings are family friendly and include entertainment. There will be live entertainment at some of the feasts. 

“It’s a great opportunity for people to get out on a Friday night and have a good time in their own backyard,” Linton said.

This year, the food trucks will be donating a portion of the proceeds each month to a different Harrisburg based charity.

April’s charity will be the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Madrigal said visitors are welcome to bring non-perishable food or make monetary donations to the food bank.

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Mar 26, 2015
Kim Rivers

Local food truck nominated as finalist in online competition



Voting is under way for Mobile Cuisine‘s “Best Food Truck Restaurant” of 2015, and a local business is one of the finalists.

Baron Von Schwein” received enough votes to make it to the top 10. Its restaurant is in downtown York, and its food truck is based in Lancaster.

The food truck offers sweet or spicy pork buns, pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, and baked corn.

Voting runs until April 3.

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