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Aug 13, 2013
Kim Rivers

August 12 Food Truck Schedule and News for Dallas and Ft. Worth

August 12 Food Truck Schedule and News for Dallas and Ft. Worth

Several food trucks have called it quits over the last couple of weeks.  We’ve seen the brick’n’mortar legal issues in SideDish over the last couple of weeks.  Well, leases extend to food trucks as well.  Yellow Belly has had a legal disagreement with their leasing entity and won’t be rolling the truck any more.  I hate to see this one, as Yellow Belly was easily in my top 5 food trucks.  Empanada Armada has also put the wheels in park, going so far as to delete their Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts.  I have not been able to reach the owner/operators, but my unsubstantiated understanding is that they have had a problem similar to a lockout.

Lucky Ducky Dogs‘ owner, Marshall Hays, already has several other businesses and a new baby on the way, so he’s cutting back.  He’s selling the truck and the brand if there are any Sidedishers who want to a hot dog food truck.

This has been quite a summer for losing food trucks and demonstrates how tough it can be in 107 degree temperatures with temps in the 120 range inside of that meal box.

On the positive side, Kristin Leonard, formerly of Rockstar Bakeshop fame, tells us that “Layla” will roll again in September, having sold the entire operation, brand, truck, and recipes to a new baker, Craig Garza.

In Klyde Warren Park, Ruthie’s Grilled Cheese will start serving up breakfast in August on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (as I suggested here in the last paragraph a couple of weeks ago, not that I would want to take credit for breakfast in the park).  On Thursday, August 15, Ruthie’s will be in KWP celebrating their 2nd birthday with several giveaways, including a buy one, get one free from 11-12.

Most of the food trucks have cut back because of the heat.  You won’t see as many night time operations.  Here is your schedule for the week.  Again, always check Facebook and Twitter feeds because of the extreme heat and sudden thunderstorms.  Jump.

MondayMonday LunchMonday Dinner
MondayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-3p
MondayFour Seasons12:30 to 1:45, Chase, 1111 Northpoint Coppell
MondayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
MondayLittle Greekarts district 11-2
MondayParrotIcceGladiator Boot Camp (5:00pm to 8:00pm) Addison Circle
MondayPompeii Radiology center 815 Pennsylvania ave Fort Worth 11-2
MondayRelishKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
MondayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
MondayTBS 212222 Merit Drive, Dallas 11-2
MondayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Thistle Hill @ 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, FW
MondayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park 11-4
TuesdayTuesday LunchTuesday Dinner
TuesdayCajun TailgatorsTwo Addison Circle 15725 Dallas Pkwy 11:30-2:0018207 Midway @ Frankford 4-9
TuesdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-3p
TuesdayEat Jo DawgsTrinity Industries, Inc. Dallas – Lunch: 11am – 2pmConnextions call center: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
TuesdayEnticed2403 Flora St – Dallas, 11am – 2pm9807 Walnut Hill Ln. – Dallas, 3 – 8pm
TuesdayFour Seasons12:30 to 1:45, Chase, 1111 Northpoint Coppell
TuesdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayGandolfo’s #25605 N Macarthur Blvd, Irving 11-2
TuesdayJack’s ChowhoundTeacher Academy -Skyline school -11am-1:30pm 7777 Forney Rd Dallas
TuesdayLittle GreekMarc Group 11-2
TuesdayLucky Ducky DogsSkyline High School 11-2pm
TuesdayNammi #1Private Event, 11am-2pm
TuesdayOinknMoo BBQDallas Arts District
TuesdayParrotIcceFood Truck Extravaganza (4:00pm to 9:00pm) 18207 Midway Road
TuesdayRelishKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayRockn’ Rick’sDallas Arts District Winspear Opera House 11-2 PMTBD
TuesdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseSkyline High School 7777 Forney Rd
TuesdayRuthie’s TooParkside 16301 Quorum
TuesdaySimply DosaDallas Art District Winspear Opera House
TuesdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
TuesdayTBS 2909 Lake Carolyn Parkway, Irving 11-2The Porch @ Watermark Church 5-10pm
TuesdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
TuesdayTutta’s PizzaPrivate Event
TuesdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Thistle Hill @ 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, FW
TuesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park 11-4
WednesdayWednesday LunchWednesday Dinner
WednesdayEasy SliderBelo (400 S Record, Dallas) 11a-1:30pThe Food Truck Experience (5757 Greenville, Dallas) 5p-8p
WednesdayLittle Greek14800 Quorum Drive Dallas, TX 75254–11-2Sigels  Greenville and Lovers 5-9
WednesdayPompeii 10100 N Central Expressway Dallas 11-2Sigels 5757 Greenville Ave 6-9
WednesdayRock and Roll TacosDallas Arts District, Flora Leonard St, 11am-1:30pmThe Food Truck Experience, 5757 Greenville Ave, 6pm-9pm
WednesdaySimply DosaThanksgiving square 1627 Pacific AveThe Food Truck Experience, 5757 Greenville Ave, 6pm-9pm
WednesdayBombay Street FoodDallas Art District Winspear Opera House
WednesdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-3p
WednesdayCup Cakin2403 Flora Ave 12pm – 1:30pmTBA
WednesdayEasy SliderDallas Arts District (2403 Flora, Dallas) 11a-1:30p
WednesdayEat Jo DawgsThanks-giving square, Dallas: 11am – 2pm
WednesdayEnticed9661 Audelia Rd – Dallas, 12 – 3pm3800 Grapevine Mills Pkwy – Grapvevine 5 -8pm
WednesdayFour Seasons12:30 to 1:45, Chase, 1111 Northpoint Coppell
WednesdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayGandolfo’s #2Stevens Transport 11-23800 Grapevine Mills Parkway, Grapevine 5-9
WednesdayJack’s ChowhoundTeacher Academy -Skyline school -11am-1:30pm 7777 Forney Rd Dallas
WednesdayLab2727 LBJ Freeway Suite 610 Dallas, tx 75234 11-2
WednesdayMr. SnowieAmerican Airlines Center 2500 Victory Ave Dallas 11a-2p
WednesdayNammi #1Dallas Arts District 2403 Flora Street 11am-2pm
WednesdayOinknMoo BBQCrestview Tower-105 Decker Ct, Irving
WednesdayParrotIcceOffice Appreciation Party (10:30am – 1:30pm) 7701 Las Colinas Ridge
WednesdayRelishKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayRockn’ Rick’sAAFES National HQ 3911 South Walton Walker Dallas TX -11-2PMTBD
WednesdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseDallas Arts District
WednesdayRuthie’s TooSkyline High School 7777 Forney Rd
WednesdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
WednesdayTBS 212222 Merit Drive, Dallas 11-2
WednesdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
WednesdayTutta’s PizzaPrivate Event
WednesdayWhats Cook-N Chef5-8 Keller CVS @ 101 N. Rufe Snow Dr, Keller
WednesdayWhat’s Da ScoopKlyde Warren Park 11-4
ThursdayThursday LunchThursday Dinner
ThursdayCajun Tailgators12222 Merit Dr. 11-2
ThursdayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
ThursdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 10pmKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 10pm
ThursdayCup CakinThanksgiving Square 12pm – 130pmPrivate Event
ThursdayEasy SliderStevens Transport (9757 Military Pkwy, Dallas) 11a-2pWalgreen’s (5742 Mockingbird, Dallas) 5p-8p
ThursdayEasy SliderSkyline High School (7777 Forney Rd, Dallas) 11:30a-1:30p
ThursdayEat Jo DawgsThe Dallas Arts District – 2200 Ross Ave #4600E, Dallas, TX 75201: 11am – 2pm
ThursdayEnticedprivate event5742 E. Mockingbird Ln. – Dallas, 4 – 8pm
ThursdayFour Seasons12:30 to 1:45, Chase, 1111 Northpoint Coppell
ThursdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayGandolfo’s #27701 Las Colinas Ridge, Irving 11-2
ThursdayJack’s ChowhoundTrinity Industries 2525 N Stemmons Fwy – 11am-1:130
ThursdayLabthanksgiving square 1627 pacific ave 11-2
ThursdayLittle Greekarts district 11-2
ThursdayLucky Ducky DogsSkyline High School 11-2pm
ThursdayMr. SnowieMultiview Inc. 7701 Las Colinas Ridge, in the southwest quadrant of 635 and MacArthur in Irving/Las Colinas 11a-2p
ThursdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-2pm
ThursdayOinknMoo BBQBoxer Properties-9550 Forest Ln, DallasGexa Ampitheater
ThursdayParrotIcceDallas Arts District — 2403 Flora Street (11:00am – 2:00pm)
ThursdayPompeii Dallas Arts District 2300 Flora 11-2Fly by food park 2500 mockingbird lane 5-9
ThursdayRelishKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayRock and Roll TacosThe Lunch Box, 1300 Mockingbird Lane, 11am-1:30pm
ThursdayRockn’ Rick’sPrivate Event 11-2PM Las ColinasTBD
ThursdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren Park: Ruthie’s 2nd Bday PartyKlyde Warren Park
ThursdayRuthie’s TooSkyline High School 7777 Forney Rd
ThursdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
ThursdayTBS 215725 Dallas Parkway, Addison 11-2
ThursdayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
ThursdayTutta’s PizzaPrivate Event
ThursdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-2 Fort Worth Food Park @ 2509 Weisenberger, FW5-9 Fort Worth Food Park @ 2509 Weisenberger, FW
ThursdayWhat’s Da Scoop12222 Merit Drive, Dallas 1-3Klyde Warren Park 4-10
FridayFriday LunchFriday Dinner
FridayCajun TailgatorsTBD17811 Vail- Gardens @ Vail Apts 5-8
FridayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
FridayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas 11a-3p
FridayCup CakinMac Arthur Center (Irving) 12pm – 1250pm, Las Colinas Business Center 1:00pm – 1:50pmTBA
FridayEasy SliderPrivate EventNinja-Pa-Luau at House of Blues (2200 N Lamar, Dallas) 6p-11p
FridayEasy SliderDallas Arts District (2403 Flora, Dallas) 11a-1:30p
FridayEat Jo DawgsClearforks Food Park: 11am – 2pmPrivate events4pm – 6pm
FridayEnticed2403 Flora St – Dallas, 11am – 2pmtbd
FridayFour Seasons12:30 to 1:45, Chase, 1111 Northpoint Coppell
FridayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayGandolfo’s #216775 Dallas Parkway, Addison 11-2
FridayJack’s ChowhoundArts Districts – corner of Leonard and Flora St From 11:00 – 1:00
FridayLittle GreekMultiview. 7701 Las Colinas Ridge–11-2
FridayLucky Ducky DogsTBD
FridayMr. SnowiePrivate Event
FridayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
FridayOinknMoo BBQGexa Ampitheater
FridayParrotIcceDallas Arts District — 2403 Flora Street (11:00am – 2:00pm)Office Appreciation Party (2:00pm – 4:00pm) 7701 Las Colinas Ridge
FridayPompeii Clear Fork Food Park 1541 Merrimac Circle FW 11-10Clear Fork Food Park 1541 Merrimac Circle FW 11-10
FridayRelishKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayRock and Roll TacosDallas Arts District, Flora Leonard St, 11am-1:30pm
FridayRockn’ Rick’sDallas Arts District Winspear Opera House 11-2 PMFly-By Food Park Mockingbird Maple Dallas 5-10PM
FridayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren Parkprivate
FridayRuthie’s TooCRWinery Frisco 15222 King Rd
FridaySimply DosaThistle Hill 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Worth, TX ?Coyote Drive In Ft Worth 223 NE 4th St, Fort Worth, TX ?
FridayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, Dallas
FridayTBS 2Arts District @ 2403 Flora St, 11-2
FridayThe Pickled Carrot11am-2pm @ Earthwise Produce 728 N. Elm St., Denton, Tx. 76201
SaturdaySaturday LunchSaturday Dinner
SaturdayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pmKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
SaturdayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 8pmKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 8pm
SaturdayCup CakinPrivate EventTBA
SaturdayEasy SliderSt. Monica School BTS Picnic (4140 Walnut Hill, Dallas) 6:30p-8pPrivate Event
SaturdayEasy SliderPrivate EventBlondes v. Brunettes After Party at Life in Deep Ellum (2803 Taylor St, Dallas) 9:30p-12:30
SaturdayEat Jo DawgsSt. Monica Catholic School Picnic: 6 – 8pm
SaturdayEnticedDallas Zoo 12 – 5pm4140 Walnut Hill Ln. – Dallas, 6:30 -8:30pm
SaturdayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayGandolfo’s #2Private Event
SaturdayJack’s ChowhoundTBD
SaturdayLabdesoto market 719 n hampton rd desoto, tx 75115Fly-By-Food Park 2500 mickingbird dallas, tx 5-10pm
SaturdayLittle GreekWhite Rock Market 8-1
SaturdayLucky Ducky DogsLakewood Brewery 12pm-3pm
SaturdayMr. SnowieTBA
SaturdayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SaturdayOinknMoo BBQGexa Ampitheater
SaturdayParrotIccePowder Puff Post Game Party (9:00pm to 2;00am) Deep Ellum
SaturdayPompeii TbdTbd
SaturdayRelishKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayRock and Roll TacosSt. Monica’s Catholic School, 4141 Walnut Hill, 6:30pm-8pm
SaturdayRockn’ Rick’sPawsaloosa Garland 8-1PMTBD
SaturdayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseKlyde Warren ParkSt Monica Back to School Party
SaturdayRuthie’s TooTeach for America-private eventprivate event
SaturdayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SaturdayThe Pickled Carrot9am-1pm Denton Community Market @ Mulberry and Carroll
SaturdayTutta’s PizzaFirewheel Brewery – 2806 Lawing Ln, Rowlett 11-3pm
SaturdayWhats Cook-N Chef11-10 Fort Worth Food Park @ 2509 Weisenberger, FW11-10 Fort Worth Food Park @ 2509 Weisenberger, FW
SaturdayWhat’s Da ScoopPrivate Event
SundaySunday LunchSunday Dinner
SundayCoolHausKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pmKlyde Warren Park 11am-4pm
SundayCrazy FishKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 8pmKlyde Warren Park 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy # 560, Dallas All Day till 8pm
SundayEasy SliderFort Worth Food Park (2509 Weisenberger, FW) 11a-8pFort Worth Food Park (2509 Weisenberger, FW) 11a-8p
SundayEat Jo DawgsClearforks Food Park: 11am – 2pmClearforks Food Park: 5pm – 9pm
SundayEnticed5742 E. Mockingbird Ln. – Dallas, 12 – 6pmprivate event
SundayGandolfo’s #1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayGandolfo’s #2HP Pool 3801 Lexington Ave, Highland Park 5-7
SundayMr. SnowieDallas Zoo 650 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas 75203 11a-5p
SundayNammi #1Dallas Klyde Warren Park 11am-8pm
SundayOinknMoo BBQGexa Ampitheater
SundayRelishKlyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayRockn’ Rick’sTBD
SundayRuthie’s Grilled CheeseHP Pool
SundayRuthie’s TooKlyde Warren Park
SundayTBS 1Klyde Warren Park, DallasKlyde Warren Park, Dallas
SundayTBS 2Private Party 1-4
SundayWhat’s Da ScoopPrivate Event


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Aug 11, 2013
Tina George

A weekend overflowing with fun things to do

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Aug 8, 2013
Kim Rivers

Taquero Fusion: A pioneering Chicago food truck in action (Video)

Aaron Ramirez’s Taquero Fusion was one of the first food trucks to hit the streets of Chicago three years ago.

Aaron Ramirez and wife Marisol debuted their Taquero Fusion food truck three years ago.

Aaron Ramirez and wife Marisol debuted their Taquero Fusion food truck three years ago.

Lewis Lazare
Reporter- Chicago Business Journal

 | Twitter

What a great day for food trucking! Today brought mild temperatures, low humidities, and plenty of sunshine to Chicago.

And Aaron Ramirez, owner of the Taquero Fusion food truck, was making the most of the beautiful day and the lunchtime crowds jamming the sidewalks at the corner of Clark and Monroe streets in the heart of the city’s Loop business district. A steady stream of customers lined up at the Taquero Fusion window to place an order. Some paid with cash. Others pulled out a credit card, which Ramirez happily and quickly processed with a mobile device.

As customers contemplated their options on a menu placed in one of the truck windows, Ramirez repeatedly urged them to consider his special of the day — a taco with mole sauce. He also graciously told some customers about a buddy who operates a tamale truck in the neighborhood that offers, among other things, a tamale with alligator meat. One customer within earshot of Ramirez was having none it. “I’ve tried alligator before,” she noted, turning up her nose as she grimaced.

Food trucks are still a relatively new phenomenon in Chicago. But for those who don’t want to sit in a restaurant or wait in long lines at fast food chains, trucks such as Ramirez’s are fast becoming a welcome addition to the food scene in the city.

Ramirez and wife Marisol were in the vanguard of this street-focused business when they debuted their truck three years ago. “We and 5411 Empanadas and Tamale Spaceship were really the first three food trucks in Chicago,” noted Ramirez. Because the city only allowed food to actually be cooked on trucks about a year ago, Ramirez’s truck doesn’t have a kitchen on board. Instead he transports his tacos and rice and drinks in coolers and heating units inside the truck.

When it isn’t at Clark and Monroe streets on Thursdays, Taquero Fusion spends several days a week parked on East Chicago Avenue near the headquarters of Groupon and a lot of other businesses that employ large staffs of young people. That’s a crowd near and dear to Ramirez’s heart. “They get what the food truck is all about,” he said as he smiled.

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Aug 7, 2013
Kim Rivers

The Food Truck in Jon Favreau’s Chef Is El Jefe Cubanos

[Photo: @jonfavreau / Twitter]

Here’s your daily update on Chef, the upcoming Jon Favreau movie about a chef who gets fired from his restaurant and opens a food truck. New today: the first shots of the truck, which include its name, El Jefe Cubanos. As usual with Chef announcements, Favreau revealed the truck on Vine. The Daily Mail also has photos of Sofia Vergara wearing an El Jefe t-shirt; Vergara plays Favreau’s ex-wife in the film. Below, a Vine of the truck (featuring a Kogi truck cameo).

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13 New Milwaukee Food Trucks Cater to Different Tastes

Roll MKE food lorry MilwaukeeMILWAUKEE, WI - The food lorry landscape certain looks a lot opposite from 4 years ago.

That’s when we initial wrote about a trucks and travel food, still a newness for many behind afterwards (though not on a south side, where taco trucks were and still are plentiful).

In 2009, maybe a half-dozen trucks were parked around downtown, along with some prohibited dog carts.

Scott Baitinger of Streetza Pizza was one of those early food lorry operators, and Streetza still plies a streets.

The change has been drastic, Baitinger said, watching that during slightest 10 new trucks have seemed this year alone.

Some trucks and carts have departed; even so, Baitinger estimated 25 nontraditional trucks are active during gatherings downtown this year, with substantially another 25 taco trucks on a south side.

Baitinger consistently used Twitter from a commencement to promote a truck’s plcae and to build village among a customers. (Streetza has gained inhabitant notice over a years in partial for a amicable media presence, this year creation a Daily Meal’s list of a 101 best food trucks in America.)

Four years ago, he said, amicable media drew business that seemed especially to be “30 and male.” The assembly has broadened, he said.

“People are really some-more informed with a difficulty interjection to ‘The Great Food Truck Race’” — a Food Network existence uncover — “so there’s a lot reduction explaining we have to do,” Baitinger said.

Food trucks now accumulate in larger numbers in Schlitz Park on Tuesdays, during a Milwaukee County Courthouse on Thursdays and during Red Arrow Park on N. Water St. on Fridays. With a singular series of parking spaces and augmenting numbers of trucks, food lorry operators are anticipating for new entertainment spots, or some-more visit gatherings.

Find a list of some of a newer stand of trucks in a strange article by Carol Deptolla of the Journal Sentinelhere

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  1. Food Truck Profile: Street-Za Pizza
  2. Do Food Trucks Respond To Your Social Media Comments?
  3. Which Social Media Platform Do You Use To Reach Your Customers?
  4. Top 12 Most Influential Food Trucks: 2012

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Aug 5, 2013
Kim Rivers

August 5 Food Truck Schedule and News for Dallas and Ft. Worth

August 5 Food Truck Schedule and News for Dallas and Ft. Worth

This is the second anniversary of SideDish publishing a DFW food truck schedule and news. Food trucks first came into prominence in Dallas in May 2011. A reader comment at one point led us to start consolidating the weekly data and our first schedule was published on August 1, 2011.  This week, however, I am gone.  Off-grid.  The table schedule will be back next week.  In the meantime, I’ve worked with the Beecon Map folks to ensure that they still get the data this week and the map that you see above is accurate.

Let me tell you how this schedule gets put together each week.  I have an ulterior motive, so stick with me.  Each Friday, I remind the food truck operators who participate that I need their spreadsheet schedule by the next Monday at 10 a.m.  Our tabular schedule is derived directly from the owner/operators.  I’m not crazy enough to scour Facebook, Twitter, and web sites to derive each schedule.  By Monday morning, typically, I’ve got less than 50%, so I send a reminder once more.  By 2 p.m. or so, I’ve got about 90% to 95% in, so I can get started on the big spreadsheet consolidation.  After that, it gets sent to the Beecon people to import into their mapping format and I import to the WordPress table format that you see.  If an owner goes silent on me for 3-4 weeks, I presume that they are either out of business, that they see little value in being part of SideDish, or they don’t want to be found.

My motive: If you use our weekly schedule, tell the food truck owners.  It is, after all, work for them to send to me their schedules each week.  And if you don’t see a food truck on our schedule, tell them you want them there.  If you are a food truck owner and want to be included, I’m not hard to find. Email

enticedandeasysliderFor this coming week, events include Sprouts/Marsh on Tuesday, Sigel’s/Greenville on Wednesday, and “Summer Lovin’” with Easy Slider and Enticed Shaved Ice Thursday evening at Walgreens (Mockingbird/Matilda).


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Aug 4, 2013
Kim Rivers

Brendan O’Connor, Former Milk Truck Employee, Fired For Tip-Shaming …

When is it appropriate to tip? Tipping in a restaurant setting is often expected (with noted exceptions), but what about when you dine at a food truck?

Brendan O’Connor, a former employee of Milk Truck, a mobile grilled cheese and milkshake vendor in New York City, was incensed when employees of investment research Glass Lewis Co. placed a $170 order but failed to tip. O’Connor, who also happens to be a journalist, tweeted out his frustration.

Glass Lewis Co. caught wind of the tweet and an upset representative reached out to Milk Truck. O’Connor was promptly fired, reportedly told by the owner that he “had embarrassed him and the company and that was that.” Milk Truck offered its apologies via Twitter to Glass Lewis Co., which accepted them.

An overreaction on Milk Truck’s part? Perhaps. If nothing else, it was shortsighted — O’Connor turned around and put the incident on blast in a damning article for The Awl.

Was O’Connor in the right? It’s hard to say. Tipping at a food truck isn’t customary, but perhaps a tip on such a large order would have been nice. Still, was it good form to call out customers on Twitter?

By many Twitter users’ judgement, Milk Truck and Glass Lewis Co. are the big losers here. They’re both the subject of vitriol in myriad posts, which continue to roll in.

Weigh in on the issue in the below poll:

Quick Poll

Also on HuffPost:

Loading Slideshow

  • Peyton Tips An Extra $200

    Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning left $200 in addition to the 18 percent gratuity on his bill at Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina where he had a meal with his friends last Friday, a href=”” target=”_hplink”according to Deadspin. /a

    Photo by a href=”” target=”_hplink”Bizzle McDizzle/a

  • Tiger Woods Is Cheap

    a href=”” target=”_hplink”New Miami Times/a ranked golf player Tiger Woods at the top of its list of cheapest celebrity tippers, a href=”″ target=”_hplink”reporting/a: “The man worth more than $500 million says it’s because he never carries cash.”

  • Delivery Man Gets $2 For Putting His Life On The Line

    Lin Dakang, a delivery man for a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side, received $2 on a $15.50 bill for a 2.5 mile bike ride dodging traffic on a cold winter night, a href=”″ target=”_hplink”according to The New York Times/a. But the incident is typical. The Times reported that restaurant delivery workers peddling take-out orders in dangerous conditions receive wages and tips that can drop well under minimum wage.

    Photo by a href=”” target=”_hplink”Steve Snodgrass/a

  • Arrested For Not Tipping

    According to a href=”″ target=”_hplink”The Express-Times/a, police arrested and gave a theft citation to John Wagner and Leslie Pope when they refused to pay a $16.35 required gratuity for their order of wings, drinks and salad. The pair alleged poor service at Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

    Photo by a href=”” target=”_hplink”jeffreyw/a

  • Racially Profiling Tippers

    Abe Shah and Hemang Virani, who are of Pakistani and Indian descent respectively, were charged an 18 percent gratuity because of the color of their skin, a href=”” target=”_hplink”according to Gothamist/a.

    A manager told the pair the charge applied to all patrons of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent.

    After the two men paid their bill, minus the additional gratuity, they were followed out of the restaurant by five employees and then verbally and physically attacked, a href=”” target=”_hplink”according to court papers/a.

    Shah and Virani subsequently sued the restaurant for discrimination.

    Photo by a href=”” target=”_hplink”SteFou!/a

  • Denying Workers Tips

    In one of Massachusetts’ largest wage cases, a settlement required Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox to return $14.75 million in tips denied to its employees, including waiters, massage therapists, yoga instructors, according to a href=”” target=”_hplink”The New York Times./a

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Aug 2, 2013
Kim Rivers

Four-star food ‘truck’ headed to Portland

A gourmet grilled cheese food truck from James Beard Award-winning chef Danielle Custer is coming to Portland.

A gourmet grilled cheese food truck from James Beard Award-winning chef Danielle Custer is coming to Portland.

Wendy Culverwell
Real Estate Daily editor- Portland Business Journal

 | Twitter
 | Google+

Seattle’s loss is Portland’s gain.

A popular Seattle food “truck” is hitting the road. The Monte Cristo is moving to Portland to serve employees of an unnamed Portland tech company, according to a Seattle Times report.

The Monte Cristo, billed as a “gourmet grilled cheese truck dreamed up by a four-star chef,” wraps up its Seattle run on Aug. 16, then heads south.

The polka-dotted truck is owned by Bon Appetit Management Co. and no, the Seattle Times wasn’t able to identify the lucky company it will serve, though it speculates it could be Intel Corp.

Monte Cristo was created by Danielle Custer, a James Beard award-winning chef.

Know where it’s headed? Drop a line in the comments section below or send me an email.

Wendy Culverwell covers real estate, retail and hospitality.

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Social Media Sites Your Food Truck Should Be Using

With new amicable media sites popping adult all over a internet, it can be strenuous to food lorry owners to figure out that to concentration their time and appetite on. Based off a new consult we conducted from a readers, a tip 4 amicable media sites that food lorry business use are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

social media sphereFacebook

After Myspace, Facebook took control of amicable media and has not let go. 67% of internet users visit Facebook frequently so you’ll wish to start here.

Beneficial Features:

About section. Publish a full autobiography including hit information about your food truck.

Large images. Facebook’s height is good for posting pictures. Take a image of your daily special or fun events your lorry has taken partial in.

Advertise. Facebook Ads concede we to aim your specific demographic while also environment a specific budget.


Next in line is Twitter. Quick and to a point. Reach out and promulgate with others in genuine time. While Facebook might be used for many of a same purposes, Twitter is many quicker.

Beneficial Features:

Break a news. Let your supporters know where we are streamer when it happens. Twitter is immediate and will strech your supporters faster than any other amicable networks.

Get feedback. Twitter is also a good place to get feedback and learn about your customers.

Utilize hashtags. Hashtags (commonly famous as a bruise sign) on Twitter are a good complement to take advantage of. Using hashtags will boost a strech of your twitter and also boost a chances of your twitter being seen.


Like it? Then pin it! Pinterest is a good approach to tell your story regulating pictures. Pinterest allows we to collect, classify and pin cinema to boards.

Beneficial Features:

Organize. Pinterest allows we to classify your photos into identical groups called “boards.” This allows we to “build” a message, thesis or organisation identical photos together.

Get customer’s mouths watering. Food trucks regulating Pinterest can classify a page by posting interesting photos with brief descriptions about menu items. This can also include recipes to renouned items.

Go over food. Your food lorry should be about some-more than only food. Feature play that tell your code story, values and mission.


Pictures pronounce a thousand difference – and Instagram is a bad man’s photography studio. Instagram gives users a ability to request opposite filters to photos. There are no groups or “boards” like with Pinterest, however, Instagram is simply integrated into Facebook and Twitter, giving cinema additional bearing on a opposite amicable networks.

Beneficial Features:

Customers. Featuring business enjoying their meals, or pity images that business have taken of your lorry are a good approach to pull courtesy to your mobile food business.

Show your atmosphere. Show cinema of a atmosphere around your truck. You can uncover tangible business enjoying a dining knowledge or even a fun they are carrying while watchful to order. The filters supposing by Instagram will concede we to debonair it adult a bit.

Aesthetics. You don’t indispensably have to uncover cinema associated to your food. What’s a atmosphere like around your truck? What about a view of a areas we park in?

Remember social media is a good approach advertise. Follow some of these tips and implement them to boost supporters and customers. But don’t be fearful to be artistic and innovative. Also, remember many amicable media sites can be synced together and it’s alright if some of your pages overlap.

Which amicable media sites are we regulating that aren’t listed here?

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Recommended Reading

Aug 1, 2013
Tim Lester

New food trucks add flavor to Milwaukee’s street food culture

The food truck landscape sure looks a lot different from four years ago.

That’s when I first wrote about the trucks and street food, still a novelty for many back then (though not on the south side, where taco trucks were and still are plentiful).

In 2009, perhaps a half-dozen trucks were parked around downtown, along with some hot dog carts.

Scott Baitinger of Streetza Pizza was one of those early food truck operators, and Streetza still plies the streets.

The change has been drastic, Baitinger said, observing that at least 10 new trucks have appeared this year alone.

Some trucks and carts have departed; even so, Baitinger estimated 25 nontraditional trucks are active at gatherings downtown this year, with probably another 25 taco trucks on the south side.

Baitinger consistently used Twitter from the beginning to broadcast the truck’s location and to build community among its customers. (Streetza has gained national notice over the years in part for its social media presence, this year making the Daily Meal’s list of the 101 best food trucks in America.)

Four years ago, he said, social media drew customers that seemed mainly to be “30 and male.” The audience has broadened, he said.

“People are definitely more familiar with the category thanks to ‘The Great Food Truck Race’” — the Food Network reality show — “so there’s a lot less explaining we have to do,” Baitinger said.

Food trucks now gather in greater numbers in Schlitz Park on Tuesdays, at the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Thursdays and at Red Arrow Park on N. Water St. on Fridays. With a limited number of parking spaces and increasing numbers of trucks, food truck operators are hoping for new gathering spots, or more frequent gatherings.

Here’s a look at some of the newer crop of trucks (some just a couple of weeks old) that have joined the long-established trucks like Streetza, Fast Foodie, American Euros and the Gouda Girls. Bear in mind that many trucks make items to order and some have long lines; this isn’t necessarily fast food. You can find some of these trucks at the weekly gatherings, but many also announce their whereabouts via Twitter, Facebook or websites. You also can track them at Tap Milwaukee’s Food Truck Central.

Roll MKE

New this year, Roll MKE became something of an instant hit. There’s almost always a line, and with good reason: The sandwiches (all $8, all served with excellent, freshly made fries and a drink) are worth the wait.

The burger with bacon jam and cheddar; the tender, crisped pork belly sliders with banh mi flavors; the braised brisket with gooey cheeses and Peppadew peppers — these were full-flavored sandwiches to remember, even if they were eaten standing up. By comparison, the chicken tinga sandwich didn’t make as much of a mark; still a respectable sandwich, though.

Eats Treats

This big red truck’s unique offering is the waffle-encased meats, but I’d highly recommend the burgers.

Wait, what? Waffle-encased meats? Sure, like a corn dog; Eats Treats makes a waffle dog. Also waffle sausage, waffle bacon and the one I opted for, the waffle beer brat ($6 for two). Skewered on a stick, the sausages are dipped in batter before going into a specially shaped waffle maker. Salty things, those brats were; counter that with some syrup for the waffle.

But oh, that burger. The Cheesehead ($8) was a great double burger on a glossy bun with Merkt’s cheese spread. I love a burger made on a flat-top grill, where the juices caramelize — the flavor seems more robust.

Among other treats, the truck sells Purple Door ice cream and shakes.


Silver like a stock pot, the Simmer truck specializes in soups, such as cooling gazpacho or hearty curry lentil (a little salty). Soups come in three sizes ($4.50, $5.50, $6.50), or they’re available in a flight ($5.50). At least one of the four daily soups is vegan.

But Simmer also sells a daily meal in a bowl ($7 and $8.50) — it, too, might be vegan or vegetarian, such as three-bean chili over brown rice — along with salads and panini, like tasty grilled Portobello, red onion and red pepper with tapenade and roasted garlic ($8).

Flirty Momo

Flirty what, now? Momo, little Himalayan-style dumplings that are like elaborately fluted potstickers filled with beef, chicken, pork with turkey, or cabbage, carrot and cilantro.

You can watch the Flirty Momo crew steam the dumplings ($6.50 or $6.75) in big metal baskets; it’s a presentation kitchen at this truck, what with the wide window allowing a view.

Ginger and garlic flavor the dumplings, as does a mild or hot chile sauce over them. The first ones I tried, on one of the truck’s first outings, weren’t steamed long enough, but they were much better this week.

Side dishes — also offered in combo meals ($7.25 to $7.75, drink included) — include fried rice or spicy peanuts, coated in hot sauce and tossed with fresh cilantro.

Fry Bread N Things

Fry bread — the American Indian raised bread that emerges hot, puffed and golden from the oil — is irresistible stuff. Can’t beat it.

The weeks-old truck Fry Bread N Things will serve it plain ($4) with a choice of dipping sauce, with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar ($3) or topped with syrups or ice cream ($4) for dessert. Me, I’d advocate for a taco.

Pick ground beef, chicken or pulled pork in a light barbecue sauce and then mull the dozen toppings, everything from lettuce, cherry tomatoes and jalapeno to radishes, celery and sour cream.

The small taco ($4) was plenty for lunch, but the truck also serves a large ($7).


You’re not likely to find the same exact menu twice at Chameleon Mobile Cuisine; like a chameleon’s colors, the menu changes, too.

But…should you see the caprese grilled cheese with fresh mozzarella, pesto and tomato ($7), go for it; it’s grilled until crunchy. Or the satisfying Swedish meatballs ($7), in a creamy sauce over garlic mashed potatoes — I’d hop on that one, too. (Chicken meatballs with curry peanut sauce weren’t as flavorful as they sounded.) Or if the truck has vanilla bean creme brulee ($3), definitely get that. It’s as good as any restaurant’s. Key lime bars on graham cracker crust ($2) make a fine summery dessert, too.

Chameleon, operated by the Soup Market folks, also sells its own bottled root beer.


Sliders and desserts are the specialties at Hattie’s truck. A single slider ($4) was topped generously; bring along a friend to take advantage of the special on two ($7). Mango slaw was a nice touch for the jerk chicken; meatballs nestle beneath tangy marina and cheese.

For dessert — if you reach the truck before desserts sell out — try the peanut butter chocolate cupcake, garnished with a bit of peanut butter cup. You might also find red velvet cupcakes or cake pops.

Potato Baby

The menu at Potato Baby revolves around huge potatoes ($7), baked until light. There are a couple of signature combinations, like the spicy Moo-T-Style, with Buffalo-style chicken, grated cheese and ranch or blue cheese dressing. But the idea of creating your own is appealing — start with chicken, chopped steak or ground beef, then pick toppings like broccoli, green peppers, cheese, sour cream, salsa or bacon. Customers can be as calorie-conscious as they wish (or not).

The truck sells nachos and wraps (grilled or fried), though I haven’t been able to resist the baked potatoes yet.


Also new this summer, Beef-E’s dispenses Italian beef sandwiches and various twists on it.

Sure, the cart dishes up the classic Chicago sandwich of thin-sliced beef with giardiniera and the beef’s juices (on the side, poured on or the sandwich dipped in).

But try Judy’s Pot Roast ($6), Italian beef over mashed potatoes with cooked baby carrots, or the Brew Crew ($7) with white cheese curds, bacon and snappy giardiniera. Terrific.

No small part of what makes the sandwiches that I bought so good were the house-made giardiniera and the pure, natural juices.

Jeppa Joes

Jeppa Joes underwent a recent change in ownership, returning to the streets just this week, but the banh mi ($7) was still delicious: pork with pickled daikon and carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, fresh cilantro and Sriracha mayonnaise. I’m looking forward to trying the agua frescas, spicy peanuts and new sandwich — the cermita, with pulled pork and pickled onion — that’s been added to the menu.

Bun Me

The Bun Me cart keeps it simple: a few versions of the banh mi sandwich, all accented with the bright flavors of fresh cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno and pickled carrot and daikon. The pork belly ($6) is salty and chewy, and vegans will find a tofu ($5) version, with either lemongrass or peanut sauce. There’s a chicken version ($5), too.

Urban Caveman

This new truck sells items that fall in line with the Paleo diet — heavy on meats and vegetables, no gluten or processed foods. Urban Caveman had already sold out of a couple items when I stopped by (burger bowl on sweet potato hash and cashew curry chicken), but I did snap up a lettuce wrap filled with curried chicken salad studded with red grapes and pecans ($7).

Bubble Tea Fusion

Bubble Tea Fusion‘s focus is cooling summer drinks: flavored iced teas and the truck’s namesake, bubble teas. The frozen blended drinks come in a rainbow of colors and flavors, like papaya, strawberry and guava; get them with the big, black tapioca pearls or flavored jellies. A plus: The top of the drinks are sealed with plastic film, meaning nothing leaks out if you’re juggling the drink along with your lunch back to the office. The plastic’s easily pierced with the straw.

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